Antonella Anselmo – A Meditation in Time of War

BSA Galerie
Antonella Anselmo – A Meditation in Time of War
05.03.2015 bis 10.04.2015

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reception: february 3 2015 7:30 PM
exhibition 4 – 20 february

Michael Odlozil (*1972 Vienna) studied Conservation and Restoration at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and works as a conservator since. His large scale paintings are roughly inspired by landscapes, parallelisms and repititions of lines. He uses the landscape as a source for abstract compositions by filtering the principles and transforming the point of origin. He developed a genuine, almost archaic paintingtechnique that lets his works appear light-weight and calligraphic.


curated by Peter Zawrel

…My thoughts and my discourse as madmen’s are,

At randon from the truth vainly express’d;

For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,

Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.

Gedank‘ und Urteil, wie im Wahnsinn toben

Blind um die Wahrheit irrend hin und her:

Der ich dich schön gepriesen, hell gedacht,

Die schwarz wie Höll‘ und finster wie die Nacht.

William Shakespeare  

Sonett CXLVII  (Fragment)


exhibition september 24 – october 10

Katharina Prantl is inspired by landscapes.
The physiology of these paintings resides above all in their
transparent colors and in the ways in which the color finds itself
transported and guided, often by its own force of gravity on the
canvas. Like stretches of film, thin colors appear and disappear only
to appear again, open seams in the mine of a colored crystal….
Yehuda E. Safran, New York (text fragment)


Melanie Ender

Exhibition may 20 – june 2 2014
Opening Reception May 20 2014, 7PM

The artistic work of Melanie Ender is concerned with the perception and the reconstruction of experienced spacial structures.
While exploring a specific room, an individual experience of this space transforms into physical reality.
In her videos, sculptures and drawings the relation and position of the moving body according to a room is a cyclic element.
Her artistic approach is an ongoing process of defining, de- and reconstructing space through various medial translations.

Melanie Ender born 1984 in Vienna, Selected Exhibitions:

2013 Skulpturinstitut, ehem. Galerie Grita Insam,
Wien, B=H+M=K+S=K=Ex=, Friday Exit, Studios Sammlung Lenikus, Bauernmarkt, Wien
2012 Exkursion: Kino, Mumok Kino, Wien, Realm Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wien
2011 The Essence, MAK, Wien,
no more luggage, Cistern Galleries, Tophane-I Amire Culture and Arts Center Istanbul


Jason Bunton
Tobias Gossow
Johannes Hierzenberger
Fabian Patzak
Rüdiger Reisenberger
Maria Stimm
Louise Thaler

In der Schau „Wohin“ widmen sich sieben Künstler/innen kraftvoll der Landschaftsmalerei.
Die Ausstellung konkretisiert die Intention der Künstler/innen, die sich mit der Frage der Bedeutung von Land-schaftsmalerei im multimedialen Zeitalter beschäftigen. Die Künstler/innen intensivieren den Blick der Betrachter durch die Hängung ihrer Werke, indem nicht das einzelne Bild, sondern die gemeinsame kompakte Deklaration einer gemeinsamen Idee im Vordergrund steht.

Ausstellungsdauer: 15. April – 2. Mai 2014

Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr / 17:00-19:00


Karin Vejvar-Sandler
march 19 – april 5  2014

a felt pen as a flow-tool: karin vejvar-sandler draws filigree loop variations over a basic grid on large-sized paper sheets, drawn freely and therefore not meticulous. the drawings on this patterned background are based on minimalistic motifs, mostly geometrical shapes, like delicate squares. if countlessly repeated, in dense, overlapping layers, new formations evolve. the felt pen enables an almost uninterrupted workflow. the artist experiences this harmonious and continuous way of creation as very relishing and almost music like: a sense of immersion.

Ein Filzstift als Flow-Werkzeug: Karin Vejvar-Sandler zeichnet auf großformatigen Papierbögen filigrane Loop-Varianten über einem Grundraster, der frei gezogen und daher nie akkurat ist. Die Zeichnungen auf dem gerasterten Bildgrund basieren auf einem minimalistischen Motiv, zumeist einer geometrischen Form, etwa einem Quadrat (vgl. Bildausschnitt). Zigfach wiederholt, entstehen aus Überlagerungen und Verdichtungen neue Formationen. Der Filzstift erlaubt ein Arbeiten nahezu ohne Absetzen. Diese fließende Hervorbringungsweise hat für die Künstlerin etwas Lustvolles und Musikalisches: dynamisches Mittel der Versenkung ins Bild.

Karin Vejvar-Sandler 1968 geboren, seit 1998 Malerei, lebt und arbeitet in Wien.

Bis 5.April 2014  Mi-Fr / 17:00-19:00


Bettina Kattinger

A walk-in art installation

The artist Bettina Kattinger has moved part of her household and her art works to the exhibition space. She has arranged her photographs, videos and paper art of recent years along with personal objects to create a single installation through which the viewers are invited to walk and where everything is related to each other. Cabinets and drawers display everyday objects that tell spectators how the artist made some of her works. Some objects are very obvious and others are more implicit and require associative power from the viewer. The artist’s close interrelationship between art and life manifests itself in this exhibition where private living space and workshop merge.

Exhibition duration: 18 December 2013 – 6 January 2014
Opening times: Wed-Fri / 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm