Melanie Ender

Exhibition may 20 – june 2 2014
Opening Reception May 20 2014, 7PM

The artistic work of Melanie Ender is concerned with the perception and the reconstruction of experienced spacial structures.
While exploring a specific room, an individual experience of this space transforms into physical reality.
In her videos, sculptures and drawings the relation and position of the moving body according to a room is a cyclic element.
Her artistic approach is an ongoing process of defining, de- and reconstructing space through various medial translations.

Melanie Ender born 1984 in Vienna, Selected Exhibitions:

2013 Skulpturinstitut, ehem. Galerie Grita Insam,
Wien, B=H+M=K+S=K=Ex=, Friday Exit, Studios Sammlung Lenikus, Bauernmarkt, Wien
2012 Exkursion: Kino, Mumok Kino, Wien, Realm Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wien
2011 The Essence, MAK, Wien,
no more luggage, Cistern Galleries, Tophane-I Amire Culture and Arts Center Istanbul