Anselm Pavlik born 1983 in Vienna,

lives and  works in Vienna
Anselm Pavlik studied Advanced Music & Media Technology at Bruckner Konservatorium Linz.
He works with drawings, music composition and visual art. Since 2007/2008 studying Biology at the University of Vienna and Landscape Design by Mario Terzic at University of Applied Arts Vienna. He is founder of „[static echo]“ / Music & Visual Art.

Selection of Projects and Exhibitions

2008 “Come and go”, artunited, Vienna

2007, “Studio SAMT”, Galerie Maerz, Linz
2006, “La Forza”, kunstmarke, Vienna
2006, Galerie Steiner, Vienna
The power of plants, which can punch through road surfaces – the power of nature in the south, an energy which seems to infect the people..“La Forza“ – a last look back on leaving the botanical garden in Palermo..
A piece of urbanised nature, civilised, visitable – a sanctuary, a piece of real nature, a place which could never exist – in real nature.

The connection of spontaniously composed music more than completes a video – it improvises a special mood which must be seen parallel to the picture, and as independent work in its own right. Music and pictures together form a symbiosis which gives the installation a sense of the corporeal.