Anselm Pavlik

Anselm Pavlik born 1983, lives and works in Vienna.
He studied Advanced Music & Media Technology at Bruckner Konservatorium in Linz and biology and life-sciences at the University of Vienna.

My work starts with the observation of nature: form, structure, sound, colour, movement, effect and time. In search for an extensive rendition of my observations I tie visual art, music, film and natural science together. These components merge into a synthesis which leads into an own language and concludes into an individual perception of nature, being integrated as a further working theme. The results are room installations, films, drawings and compositions.

Selection of Projects and Exhibitions:
2018, µ [my], Jan Arnold Gallery, MQ, vienna
2016, Parallel Vienna 2016, Alte Post, vienna
2008, come and go, artunited, vienna
2007, Studio SAMT, Galerie Maerz, linz
2006, La Forza, kunstmarke, Vienna
2006, Galerie Steiner, 1st ViennaBiennale, vienna