Behind the Paravent Privé

In a darkened room on a folding screen, a video: A man and a woman – naked. Their bodies covered by a monochrome censor bar. All around pictures, documents, objects. What do we reveal? What do we hide? What may we reveal? Of ourselves, or others? The exhibition takes up the staging of privacy. Works are presented in combination with notes, sketches, photos, diaries of the artists. Items taken from working spaces or from private moments of personal reflection. Revealing what underlies the artistic work, or offering a glimpse of the intimacy associated with it. Where personalities are staging themselves or appear exposed by media scrutiny. Changing facets of truth and reality are part of the elaborate play with mystery and revelation, with unveiling what is otherwise hidden, with private stories (of art).

Participating artists: Antonella Anselmo, Ellen Cantor, Simone Carneiro, Helena Eribenne, Markus Kircher, Teresa Paltram, Wolfgang Pavlik, Alicia Sancha

Curated by Synne Genzmer